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SFI is a local Calgary company with well established roots in the community. We strive with every project to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the construction process. Through our use of modern techniques and materials we are able to deliver the best possible product for our clients and the environment. 


With years of work in remote and isolated parts of the Canadian north, Fly-in only and boat-in situations among many, SFI has refined its procedures and developed a strong logistic and management system to properly operate under these conditions. 
We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to be able to specialize in remote location work of almost any size.

     List of Services


Project Managment


Concrete Forming, Place & Finish



Right of Way Construction



Electrical Installation & Maintenance


Signage, Printing and Installation





We consider safety to be the most important part of our project planning procedure and idigently adhere to our Health, Safety and Environment manual.


SFI’s Health, Safety and Environment procedures are ISNetworld certiied to ensure the most complete and up to date systems are in place for the protection of staff, vendors, suppliers, clients and neighbours.


ISNetworld approved member



SFI is committed to quality. Our objective is to safely deliver construction projects that meet or exceed all contract and customer expectations.


Our Commitment to Quality means:


  • Every SFI employee is responsible for fully implementing and complying with all quality management policies and procedures.


  • Our quality standards meet or exceed all applicable regulations, codes, and industry standards


We are always improving. All employees receive regular training to make systematic improvements to remove quality risks and enhance quality performance.



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